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No true yeshivish home is complete without the erev Shabbos potato kugel which is usually served on a flimsy paper plate in...

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YY April 11, , 3: If this turns you on, you just might be in Yeshiva. Josh April 11, , Tevy April 12, , 9: Go suck on a slurppy and give yourselves brain freezes you radicals. John April 11, , 9:

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Yeshivish dating nake

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Once saw a guy walk in, stand in the corner. We are a community where chessed abounds. Thanks Heshy, good post! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Yeshiva people also hate Soncino, Jastrow, and Steinsaltz.

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Yeshivish dating nake

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There are lots of things that Yeshivish folks like and don t like. . It is because the date for yom hashoa, is the date of the Warsaw ghetto in the center of hippeidom in...