How can a girl be sexy

Posted on by Zeero Kool

The typical summer single girl can also be single all year round. Ideally she is between the ages of 18 to forever.


How to write a sexy note

Posted on by Amber Lopez

You are the sexiest man I have ever known. Put your groan of pleasure into your text message or love note. After all, sometimes he puts you beyond the...


How to be more like a girl

Posted on by Mari Marques

Every once in a while, a guy will be born who would feel much more comfortable as a girl. Unfortunately, in some cases these people aren't...


How to perform sexual intercourse

Posted on by Jamless Army

Sexual intercourse or coitus or copulation is principally the insertion and thrusting of the penis , usually when erect , into the vagina for sexual pleasure , reproduction , or...

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