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Anything above 30 is remarkable, from is distinguished and from is average, while below 11 is below average. Anything above 27 is remarkable, from...

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He earned a BA in history as well as a law degree from Georgetown University. On Disruptors in Transportation. From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change. Follow us on Instagram. No Fee Rental Buildings.

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Alyssa Leanos: American girl will say: get some fucking chips then lazy ass.

Jaleed Sultan: The worst video i have ever saw are you sure you have all the facts right

Caid Johnson: I subscribed to this channel to learn interesting things about different cultures dating. and get this weird video of two people guessing the work for kiss. Wtf.

Immortal: But again, there are great argentinian men, open minded, interesting and truly caring. Great video! :)

MariaBjorn: You should do a chicano man and woman

Dave C R: Polish , Bulgarian,Thai and Filipina , I have met some lovely ladies from this land and pretty much blew it or wound up in the friend zone with them .

SafraninRed: Can't wait for You Know You are Dating a GERMAN MAN When.

JD Random: For people wanting to move to Quebec: it's ok to speak English! People will simply appreciate it a lot if you make efforts to learn French. It will also help you to integrate the culture :)

MasterGuil: This is the first time i seen your vidz awesome

Pedro Salles: No clue why some guys are into Russian women

Ilias Pap: As always there is some exaggeration and cliche but some of the points made are indeed valid : which doesn't come as a surprise because humans are affected by the cultural context they grow up in

MaxGogleMogle: I was just wondering for the black guy how come he was only shown to two women and the rest of the guys there were shown to multiple women. I wanted to hear the reaction from the other girls what they thought of the black guy.

Biger Boy: Oh here's the cute guy again hahha

Fairy 25: The Chinese and Japanese I got correct because I love anything having to do with Oriental languages.

Elaine BB: I loved that clip with Google Maps, it was so funny but so fair. This was like honest equality at its best.

Miss A'rhys: Please do Indonesian, Arab, Korean pleaseee

How4Basic: Copy paste ! MBFGW ;)

Charmander: Wtf why a guy would say lets split ITS SHITTY AND PROVES THAT HES NOT A MAN i would never see him again if he lets me pay. men always has to pay why are u fucking even thinking about it

Apprentice: I WANT ONE.

Veloc Neves: Castilian original Spanish will always be the most classy and smoothest.

Hieillua: You Know You are Dating a ARABIAN Man When. *he has a big dick at least (5 inches im from lebanon >>>>Happy Fucking Bitches dont forget to backup your mac by time machine or your pc by *(backup and restore)-(file history to any external source, also your android and ios devices

Murmillo: Hahaha ever since I've been living in the US, I keep asking the same question about French toasts. I don't consider this complaining, though. :)

Julio Cesar: O.k, I liked that a lot. Now, how about a video on women from Ukraine.

Joshua Bale: I capici? 48 mixing languages hehehe but he did guess correctly! so funny and great!

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My friend's just been released from prison, should i visit him?

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  1. Last week a woman told me that she got turned off because a guy used the word top instead of shirt.

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View Leon Brujis’ full profile. Palladium is a 20+ year old private equity firm with over $ billion in assets under management. I had...