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In Toffifee was introduced in [then West] Germany. The candy was such a huge success in Europe, it was introduced in North America as Toffifay...

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The marketing director added the brand now had a unique positioning in between a mainstream everyday product and a premium confection.

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Posted by Alan , 18 June - We also call them Toffiffee too. I usually eat them by peeling off the caramel shell with my teeth and eating that - and then just popping the inner part in my mouth and just letting it melt until I find the hazelnnut.

Why every once in a while? I love them too, if you like toffefay then you may love nutella.

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  • Welcome to Toffifee. Discover the unique combination of hazelnut, creamy nougat, caramel and...
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  • Toffifee Whole Hazelnut in Nougat Cream Filled Caramell ( I wish I could find...
  • For the mentality that doctor wants to hook their own secretively laptop, or distinct invention with the word they...

  • August Storck has repositioned its Toffifay brand in the US to appeal to...
  • Toffifee (known in the United States as Toffifay) is a German brand...
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Toffifee usa

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Toffifay makes a splash in the U.S.. Toffifay's "Too good for kids" TV campaign grabs the attention of adults who prefer a premium, multisensory treat. Toffifee. Our snack...