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En la actualidad se considera al SIDA incurable, aunque existen medicamentos que son capaces de aminorar los estragos que causa la enfermedad....

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Un mismo cuadro puede ser producido por diferentes microorganismos, de forma aislada o de manera conjunta, por lo que dificulta el tratamiento.


VIH solo se contagia mediante el contacto sanguíneo y la relación sexual. - Flirt Video Chat

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Keto Rolac: I loved this, for me I love Dominican Republic and Venezuela

Violinplayer: Sorry I just needed to let that out. Great video and a really accurat display of Sweden. It really is hilearious, that here drunk sex with a stranger is okay but sober a hug is uncomfortable and akward.

S. Sawwidou: Why was the french one so awefullllll

Disneyholic: That was a terrible polish accent, it's not even close to native.

Ovlad Debevec: I'm dating an Indian and I can't relate to the video! He's nothing like this.

Rupam Gogoi: I'm Serbian and some of these things in the vid are very similar. Can u guys make Serbian version? Plz!

Jackie Thomas: They are very blokey women.


Micky Wang: Can you pleeeease do an irish man one?

Flare Lockser: When she confirms her green card status then disappears with your money and silverware.

Evaquiel: You are making a nice video so why did you choose the biggest nose you could find to play that girl i'm jewish and live in israel most girls have small noses. you did it on purpose didn't you?

Kaliska ASMR: Don't assume your version of Italian food is hers.

Enver Okatan: Most Canadian men are cowards and cucks who take strap on dildos up the ass by their abusive feminazi girlfriends.

Uduak Udoh: Vaporub works haha!

Bro Ski: That Portuguese pronunciation was aweful

Budeiri123: One question why the fuck do you need a blind fold ? I mean its just listening what the blindfold gonna do ?

Emond Jeremie: Ok, ich finde, dass alles richtig ist. Muss mir das jetzt peinlich sein?

Imacanism01: Where is italian?

Arthur Blcs: OMG babe can u do me a favor >

Amelia Prince: Wow they said no to Prince Caspian

Jenny T: Um. Canadian guys don't cheat

Boneair: This was quite similar to Northern Ireland with the definite exception of sex. Northern Irish women may assume a man to be highly suspect for even alluding to mere existence of sexuality :O

Como se contagia el sida sexualmente

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