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To become one of the college cheerleaders you have to have a certain something, you need to be athletic and have a lot of physical endurance....

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Duke University cheerleaders really do know how to tease. Besides me, who has that kind of time on their hands? Luckily, it is a hot face. The one on the right is mega hot too. Super Sexy Cheerleader Wow, wow, wow. With revealing outfits, their lovely looks and dance moves, sexy cheerleaders get a lot of attention.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But for the ones that did make it, congratulations. Either the person taking this picture was in the exact right place, or these college cheerleaders actually know how to flaunt it. Whip My Hair Sweat is sexy on the right person, and this cheerleader knows how to pull it off. It is hard to imagine certain sports like basketball and football, for example, without the addition of motivational cheerleaders raising the spirits of the crowd, gaming participants, and anybody else that is near the sporting event — along with the onlookers from afar and the people watching the game via the TV or the Internet, etc.

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Cheerleaders sexy photos

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Explore Don Perez's board "sexy cheerleaders" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cheerleading, Cheer and Competitive cheerleading. gotta luv americas game 82 Gotta luv America's game (80...