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April 15, by Arly Nguyen. The statistics are tragic. The NSVRC is an essential source of support and information for the prevention of...

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The statistics are tragic. The NSVRC is an essential source of support and information for the prevention of sexual violence and support for those affected, all year round. Initiatives The NSVRC has a number of ongoing initiatives , which include resources, research and tools to support individual project goals: Annually, two outstanding individuals are rewarded for their efforts in this field through the Gail-Burns Smith Award , and the Visionary Voice Award.

Members are selected through a nomination process, and participate through quarterly conference calls, annual meetings, committees and consultative work on a variety of topics. Sexual violence is all too common in the world around us, touching lives across the entire spectrum of our society.

Nsvrc healthy sexuality

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Nsvrc healthy sexuality

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This four-page resource list provides links to other websites, organizations, and materials for more information on healthy human sexuality. Bibliography. This three-page glossary outlines key terms...