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Roman Soiko: Indonesian woman or man please!

Minus Mimik: I think LA is a vv cool and diverse and open minded place as well lol

JCplusOA: Pretty much applies to Swedish women as well.

Littlelucy: I was thinking steffany

Celina Ramj: No. Stop it with this dont let her walk outside of the road, that's bullshit, you'll just look like a stupid macho guy, that's is a sexist thing to do most mexican women dont know this rule ir don't care about it, but if you push her to the inside of the sidewalk all the time it's just annoying.

SteelSkin667: Put slovakia leanguage in there :D Iam From slovakia

Karan Parihar: The cooking and cleaning part is no joke, he will take the trash out and other manly household chores but NEVER does laundry and rarely cooks. If he cooks though it is never a simple meal it has to all be from scratch and a creative masterpiece.

Ester Tellez: Do what its like dating a Trinidadian woman!

The meddlesomeness comparisons are higher in results also in behalf of approving an unsecured signature filthy rich go forward with no questions requested.

Leah Yuriko: Dating Peruvian men. That's what I want to know.

Ammar Yasir: I found the Australian accent more attractive. But the measurement was not accurate since others were not good readers like her. They could be given the chance to read from their native translations of the book.

Deirdre Tobin: Slovak language was missing, it is the sexiest of all

Eva Sun: I did not like that Chinois or the British Indian. They were smug. I loved the Turk and the Estonian. Russian and Greek were my faves. The girl speaking French was horrendous.

Jarto10: Japanese will get angry but the video was funny.

Emmainkeri: Nice to know I'm Russian now. Brazil is quite different since early this morning.

Kaylen Xo: Who thought about Texan in Tokio when was watching the video they are like the sweetest couple

Jenna Sliman: French and Irish are the best omg


BornWinner: I would spend all my wealth for any russian lady.they are so classy and beautiful.

Karine Aguiar: You should try Lebanese Arabic flirting

Marc Inglese: Its sad to be an indian

Sexy Life: I am Russian and I drink occasionally. My girlfriend, on the other hand, does not drink at all, and she is also Russian.

Elisabet Liza: I'd pick London. And I would love somebody like that voice act the character Ryou Bakura from Yugioh and sing Candy Shop by 50 cents to see how would he sound. *Purrrr*


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See sexy girls

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See sexy girls

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