Healthy sexual relationships in marriage - The Marital Sexual Relationship

All couples have different libidos, sexual preferences, kinks, and tastes. This makes it fun, and sometimes challenging, to find a rhythm that works. Having a healthy sexual relationship involves...

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As a sexual addiction and intimacy disorders specialist, I am often asked about the frequency of sex. Couples want to know what is "healthy. Either way, it's a legitimate concern that can easily lead to stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and even the end of an otherwise successful relationship.

A quick online search will bring up a huge volume of statistics -- most of them not scientifically generated -- regarding the frequency of sex among long-term, committed couples. The numbers presented in these "studies" vary widely, depending on the source and what the author is trying to promote.

So in this instance, Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar search engines are somewhat useless. Probably the best source for scientifically reliable data on this topic comes from General Social Survey , which has tracked American sexual behaviors since the s.

According to the GSS, married couples have sex an average of 58 times per year.

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Consent (BDSM) Aside from reproduction, sex is essential for many reasons in any devoted relationship. Studies show that...

Bob and Mary induce been married nine years and force two small children, ages eight and six. While not wishing to grouch, Bob thinks their marriage is in trouble.

He wants to make their lack-luster marriage more satisfying. Marriage is a call to on-going intimacy — not only procreative intimacy, but and the intentional progress of emotional, and spiritual intimacy. Studies report that couples who are passionate about each other can more easily solve disagreements, including such particulars as dealing with children, extended progenitors, and financial issues.

In time, couples like Bob and Mary may come for security and certainty at the cost of playfulness and passion in marriage. Sustaining corporeal attraction, however, repeatedly takes a aware decision to play time and venture into a dimension of the relationship that used to come effortlessly.

Championing Bob and Mary this may near finding babysitters, having occasional dinners abandoned without children Large, going on dates, and bringing to their relationship different ways of connecting. For Mary and Bob, focusing on intimacy may command making the work to break commission of a usage and investing vitality into cultivating creativity in their lovemaking. Part of what makes a relationship romantic is the excitement that happens with discovering a new person and noticing that that person cares nearby you.

Basically, it means re-tooling those very things that were a divide of your earlier relationship but out the threat of rejection or squandering.

For Your Marriage is here to support you! How to Have a Better Bathroom Experience. The most important aspects of sex will vary during different seasons of marriage," she said.

This is done through trial and error as well as with honest communication. When you and your spouse have a great marriage that is full of love, affection, and trust, it translates to the bedroom. After talking to several married couples that have been married for two years or more, I received insight into how important sex is in maintaining a healthy relationship. The good news is there are many dedicated staff willing to work with you and your spouse

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