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The Grand Hyatt Amman offers a pleasant stay in Amman for those traveling for business or leisure. For those who require internet access, the property features...

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Arriving in Amman after a 25 hour lfight from the usa. Looking to get a corpse massage non-sexual after I clock in to relax? Can anyone offer a place? I will be on a budget also. Thanks for your advice.

A enormous clampdown of massage parlours happened a couple of years ago. Only 5 star hotels, competence centres Spas and ladies salons can offer this service. There are no dodgy places to speak of as referred to by the previous poster how, I have no doubt that if one searches hard abundant there will always be purveying when there is demand.

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This is a very large spa with many pools and treatment rooms, some great things on the spa menu - if the hotel is full with many people at the hotel pools, this is a worthwhile option.
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Gaia's Cocoon 7 Star Spa and Beauty Lounge Extended Video - Search & Find it in Seconds

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Massage in amman

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Hi to everybody, I found out that there are a lot of spas - massage places for ladies in the city. Does anybody know if there also is a place for . Answer...